Cyclist hit on Deer Creek Canyon this morning

From a friend on Facebook... a developing story!

"Today's ride was anything but fun. Around 9:00AM our morning group ride was heading up S. Deer Creek Canyon Rd when a motorist pulled up behind us and began to honk his horn incessantly. Then he sped up and rammed into one the cyclists smashing his bicycle and dragging him under the car. The man got out of his car, started swearing to no one in particular and then took the bicycle and threw it off the road. Notice the man's face as he doesn't have a care in the world. Not once did he apologize or seem to show any remorse."

Updates below

  • Rider was Bryon Nix USAC results & ACA results 2011 Colorado Masters Road Champion (and a whole lot more)
  • Driver did stay on the scene and the state patrol showed up.
  • Riders condition is not serious BUT more tests are to be done
  • Denver Post has picked up the story.
  • The Driver is apparently the grandson of a former USA President
  • This will be on 9News tonight, here is their version
  • Denver 7 News picked this up as well

Byron Nix on the ground after the incident

Statement from

"This accident had the potential to be very, very bad -even life threatening, the way Byron's bike was sucked up into the front wheel of the truck -we are so grateful it wasn't worse than it was. We are also very grateful to the first responders for their prompt action in getting him to the ER, and to the Colorado State Patrol for responding to the scene and investigating and appropriately citing the driver. I'd also like to commend the cyclists on scene for their self restraint. I'm sure it wasn't easy to remain calm and collected with the driver standing there, but Byron's teammates did the right thing by taking photographs of everything and by remaining calm. Inciting an altercation would not have helped Byron or his case and would only have served to further increase tensions among residents/motorists in Deer Creek Canyon and cyclists who ride there."

Tips for Cyclists

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News Item: 


Not acceptable

This is never acceptable and this man should be prosecuted. A HUMAN BEING riding a bicycle ( a son, a nephew, a father, a brother) could have been killed. I hope this makes NATIONAL headlines. The driver of the vehicle, Mr. Hoover, will get away with this for who he is. No matter who was at fault, it's time to make it clear to the United States of America, that vehicular bullying OF BICYCLIST is NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Through the Years

In all of my thirty plus years of road bike riding, I have been run off the road, had cans and bottles thrown at me, people have reached out of their cars and hit me. I have on rare occasions had motorists actually be civil to me. But I will say this, look at the gut on Hoover. He hates those who respect their bodies enough to exercise. I have seen the people who run me the most. They look like him, or they are simply old. I'm 55 now. I mountain bike too. On occasion, I will cross pedestrians on a mountain bike trail. I actually had a lady yell at me to slow down, when I already had. I had safely passed her. That was not good enough though. She had to tell me how BICYCLIST disrespect the environement. From what? The noise of a chain rattle? My fuel emissions? I don't know... I didn't say anything, I just kept going. I'd like to see a motorist hit somebody riding horseback.
I'm a motorist, and I respect all life on the road. I even feel bad if aI inadvertantly hit a 'possum or raccoon.