Cyclist Struck by Audi in an apparent Road Rage incident

This just in from a reader....

Driving up 17th this morning I saw a cyclist and a man in a black Audi having
words headed eastbound on 17th around Logan St. The black Audi gunned it and
then slammed on the brakes to try and get the cyclist to slam into him from
behind. I was paralel to the Audi when he slammed the brakes headed
eastbound on 17th at Pensylvania. As the cyclist swerved to the left to
avoid collision the Audi swerved left and gunned it, striking the cyclist and
knocking him into the center and left lane. I was in the left lane, dodged
the cyclist that had been hit into traffic while the audi took off southbound
on Logan. I turned onto the next street and tried to track down the Audi but
was unsuccessful. I called in the indecent and returned to the scene where
witnesses had gathered around the cyclist. Apparently another car behind the
Audi was able to follow him long enough to get his plates! I hope that
psychopath burns in hell! If the cyclist reads this, please feel free to
reach out to me. I'd love to buy you a beer man.

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