Cycling with Pain? Improve your Flow

by Christina Roy L.Ac, MSOM

“Where there is pain there is no free flow - where there is no free flow there is pain”

This quote was hammered into me during my Graduate Acupuncture education. It was typically used to describe physical pain & stagnation, but I’ve come to accept that it is true for almost all areas of life. Let me try to explain.

Boulder Cyclists unfortunately develop injuries fairly often. Physically when you have an acute injury such as a sprain, muscle tear, tendonitis, broken bone, etc, this injury physically causes local stagnation & impedes the free flow of blood, lymph, & Qi. This stagnation is painful. Even with chronic pain, due to chronically tight & tense muscles, again there is a block in the flow. This equates to a log jam in a river where there is a build up of pressure, Qi & blood & this strain is painful.

Now expand that out to everything from friendships, committed relationships, self-judgement, to job performance...the list is endless. But I find that if I am brave enough to be honest with myself when I am feeling pain or discomfort in one of these areas, I can usually identify one if not a multiple ways that I am “holding my ground; not budging; relating out of principle or old emotional wounds....”. All of these ways of relating is “blocking the flow” of what is happening in the moment or not allowing the other people involved to act genuinely to their own needs = pain.

While acupuncture & body work can help relieve the physical impediments, it takes more energy & diligence to stop & honestly examine the dynamics involved whenever we are feeling pain of any kind. If we can identify places & spaces where we are “stuck & not flowing” maybe we can be brave enough to nudge 1 or 2 of those logs loose & get that flow going again. We may be delightfully surprised to discover that the river takes us to beautiful unexpected places, free of pain, & worth every moment.

Inner thoughts from a Middle of the Road Acupuncturist ~ Christina Roy L.Ac, MSOM

Christina Roy is a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Boulder, Colorado. One of her specialties is treating sports injuries and performance enhancement. She has worked with multiple cycling & triathlon groups in Boulder to help with recovery treatments after races, as well as injury prevention & performance enhancement. She is also a cyclist & dreams to some day do the RAAM (Race Across America) solo! To learn more about the benefits of acupuncture to cyclists, visit her site at Premier Acupuncture Boulder

Christina Roy MSOM, L.Ac.
Premier Acupuncture of Boulder

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