Cycling Tips for Triathletes

Basic information that many cyclist take for granted but can be critical to have an efficient ride on the bike. The highlights
shorts rides are fine, find a safe route to train on, be aware of your immediate surroundings like road surface passing riders, traffic, etc.

From the Denver Post

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A mountain bike is a good

A mountain bike is a good bike to start with? Really? Since when? From the way the video sounds, this is a regular on the road triathlon, not an off-road version because he talks about moving up to areal triathlon bike down the road. A mountain bike? Wow! I would recommend a low-end road bike with comfortable set and more upright position than a mountain bike....guess I better go back to reading Triathlons for Dummies.

We forget the knowledge we have as cyclists

Agree, a road bike would be better but don't forget, MANY Americans haven't been on a bike since, oh, maybe age 11. I know an adult who has a hard time making left turns and I really don't believe they are the rare ones, I believe that is more common than you might think. Now at say age 30 they want to get fit and do a tri event but the thought of riding on tires a wide as their thumb is not an option for them. Riding in aero bars? Forget it! And train on main roads, even if it does have a shoulder.... suicide!