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Optic Nerve. Passion, Perfection and Functionality.

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Author: Cheri Felix

This year at the Beti Bike Bash I saw the Optic Nerve tent. Intrigued but needing nothing I stopped by. You see, I LOVE sunglasses and I have many (that I don’t wear) but I have a hard time finding ones that fit due to my little wee toddler sized head. I ended up getting a few pairs and I was excited to try them out. I also knew that Optic Nerve is a big sponsor of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and a past sponsor of the Colorado High School Cycling League. So they really had me at “hello” and like a good first date I knew we had something in common.

Be seen, be safe, ride fast: LIT360

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Bike to Work Day is coming to a close. Hopefully you are feeling quite proud of yourself for riding to and from work today. Maybe you even found some new tricks of the trade to make it a little safer and enjoyable. Here's one such product that has been tested by Colorado Masters racer and commuter, Torsten (Tory) Lyon.

The Man Behind Singletrack Maps

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The trails are finally drying out and summer is upon us (all in about 1 day). But before you head out into the blissful wilderness, make sure you have one crucial piece of gear: your map. Your Singletrack Map, to be exact. For seasoned trail veterans as well as dirt newbies, Single-track Maps are as much a staple as water.


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