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Art of Road Bike Maintenance - Lennard Zinn

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Boulder based Velopress has just released their 4th addition of Art of Road Bike Maintenance by local cycling icon, Lennard Zinn. This book covers it all whether you want to learn the simple basics like changing a tire or want to know how to patch a tubular, Lennard's got you covered. Spring is fast approaching so make a commitment to yourself and your bike to get it ready for spring and keep it working through the summer. Don't worry, you won't be alone, Lennard will be there to guide you.

Cedar Cycling - Interview

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Recently 303Cycling caught up with new cycling clothing manufacture Cedar Cycling. They are based in California and design and make USA-made technical apparel. One of their first products, the Standard Jersey, is half nylon and half merino wool.

[303Cycling] Give me some background on Cedar Cycling?
[Cedar Cycling] We're both longtime cyclists, and we wanted a tough-as-nails, well-fitting merino-wool based jersey that was US-made. We felt there was room for improvement on the existing merino-based jerseys on the market. We worked directly with our fabric mill to develop a custom double-knit fabric with a merino inner layer and a synthetic outer layer. We found the rest of the trims in Italy, Japan and the US. Everything is sewn right in the Bay Area, at highly skilled sewing factories that have been making technical outdoor gear for decades.

[303Cycling] How did the American made focus come about for both Cedar Cycling and your store Standard and Strange?
[Cedar Cycling] At Cedar, we didn't really feel like we had a choice. We lucked into living in an area that has some of the best riding in the US, and it happens to also have a long legacy of outdoors manufacturing. In fact, the outdoor industry as we know it started here in the 1930s. Coupled with the desire to keep our money local, and the high risks of working offshore, it was a no-brainer to stay in the US.

Club Ride Cross-Wind Jacket & Rale Jeans Review

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I remember when I had one skort to wear and one pair of shorts that I bought on sale. The shorts were a perfect fit. Except when I had to take them off. And then I had to wiggle them over my hips. 13 years ago I feel like there weren’t many choices for women when it came to buying bike clothes. Well those days are over and Club Ride is a big part of what makes it so fun to get dressed to ride your bike. I recently tested the Club Ride Rale Jeans and the Cross-Wind Jacket. Now if you’re like me if you hear the word “jeans” and mountain biking well those two don’t quite seem to go together.

SOAS Triathlon & Endurance Sports Clothing: I Heart this Lycra!

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From Staff Writer, Cheri Felix

Full disclaimer: I don’t run or swim or ride a road bike or do triathlons. This is what I told the people from SOAS when they asked me to review their Red Houndstooth Tri Kit. “But I’ll ride my mountain bike and go to spin class and for good measure, I’ll run into spin class, “I added to my pitch. So they sent me what at first glance were a pair of lycra shorts and a cute matching tank. At second glance, it might be some of the most comfortable lycra I’ve ever worn.

If you’ve read my other reviews of clothing you know I am a mountain biker. Baggies all the way. The more disheveled the look the better so I was a bit skeptical. Until I put on the shorts. I think they are the cutest lycra shorts I’ve ever seen. And dare I say I think I look really good them. They are super comfortable. The stylistic touches are spot on. The houndstooth design on the perfectly crafted waist band is cute. The just wide enough waist band is comfortable in that holds in any bit of blubber you might have kind of way. Although I am sure you don’t have any. There are three just the right size built in pockets on the back that are great for holding your locker key, your $5 bucks for coffee and your gel. The chamois is slight as I suspect is preferable for triathletes since the bike is just one of the three events. It’s soft and cozy in all the right spots and perfect for spin, running indoors and yes, I did wear them while out for a mountain bike ride. They also worked perfectly for weight lifting before spin class. Which is not super fun when you wear cycling shorts that have a big maxi pad for a chamois.

Review: Grindz - Pants with Hidden Protective Padding

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Last year we were super excited to meet bmx pro Kevin Robinson at Interbike and see his innovative new product called Grindz out of Colorado, pants with built-in padding for biking and skate boarding. Unfortunately, we had to wait a year for the product to be out on the market, but we are happy to report that Grindz launched this fall, just in time for the holidays.

Grindz were invented by Kevin so there would be no excuses to not wear protective padding, "The most important aspect of freestyle bmx and my career has always been safety. I would have never been able to earn 5 X-Games gold medals, or my World Height Record without wearing all the proper safety gear. It disappoints me when I don't see others taking safety seriously and always making excuses to not wear pads. Well, the excuses are over. I introduce to you - Grindz."

Review: Glacier Cyclocross Glove

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From the GlacierGlove website:

Cold, wet, and muddy. This glove was designed to keep the back of your hand warm yet allow the palms to breath on the bars. The Basics for Cyclocross racing. Breathable palms and weather resistant back. This glove is a toned down version of the Premium Cyclocross Glove. Good for cold, wet weather and great for helping manage your body heat.

Got Raw Balls? Maybe you should!

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Product Review - Simply Dara's Raw Balls are an excellent all natural, vegan, gluten free, organic and "raw food" snack for cyclists.

Nutrition has been a hot topic in the cycling community lately and there seems to be a trend towards "real foods", think Allen Lim and the Feed Zone Cookbook. There also seems to be more and more cyclists going vegan or gluten free. In that vain, we've noticed a new product out of Boulder, Simply Dara's Raw Balls, that seems to fit right in with this trend, so we thought we'd give them a try.


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