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Sports Optical brings vision to Colorado athletes (even the little ones).

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Ski season is upon us. And as much as I love to ride my bike and pretend that winter never comes, it does. Sports Optical of Denver, CO has made the slopes a LOT safer and enjoyable this year for our family (and for anyone we happen to encounter on those slopes).

Volagi - Riding with confidence on gravel and more

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Volagi Cycles recently moved from Cotati, CA to Ogden, UT. Can an entire "outdoor industry" be created with a few small companies and a community rallying behind them? What does it take for an cycling company to move from one state to another? Well, it's more than just packing tape and a few boxes. It's opera. Yes. Opera.

Women's Wednesday - Book Review: Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

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There are a lot of books on the market about how to stay in shape or get back into shape when having a baby. And having gone through it three times I’ve got to be honest with you, it’s not all unicorns and hearts and flowers.
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Tour de France 100 - Velo Press Review

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I'm a cycling book junkie, so much so that I can fill 2 large bookshelves with just cycling books. Many of the books have been given to my by friends and family since they know what I like and due to that I have a lot of books that are similar but tell the same story which is that of the Tour de France, in fact I have about 9 books like this. Then recently I was given the Tour de France 100 and while the books is similar it still is able to tell the same story again but in a different like.


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