Cycling and Running Performance Medicine

Did you miss the recent talk by Dr. Nathan Daley of the Leonardi Institute on Cycling and Running Performance Medicine? If so then enjoy this above! Thanks to Endurance Cycling Team for streaming this!!

Here is the description of what the talk is all about

This meetup will be the first of a two part series provided by Dr. Nathan Daley of the Leonardi Institute reviewing the science behind endurance performance capacity and degenerative disease processes which comprise the foundation of integrated performance medicine. This presentation will briefly summarize the physiological and biochemical processes which can produce either peak conditioning and performance or degenerative disease, and introduce fundamental nutritional concepts. The second series (TBA) will continue with the practical application and performance and disease aspects of exercise and physiological conditioning, breathing techniques and air quality, hydration techniques and water quality, training and racing specific applications of nutritional supplements, hormone levels and the overtraining syndrome, and psychological factors. The presentations may be followed by discussion as desired."

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