Diversity in Colorado Cycling?

Today the Daily Camera is running a story on the lack of diversity in cycling in Boulder and greater Colorado. The article loosely mixes the sport of cycling with the tool of cycling (commuting) which both are arguably very different. We at 303cycling have done very little to reach the 20% of Boulder County residents, maybe some writers, maybe those with Spanish skills would like to pen something on the site? We have Women's Wednesday, why not Hispanic Thursday?

From the Daily Camera

In Boulder County, which is nearly 80 percent white according to the 2010 census, it's more complicated. Even in the state of Colorado, which is also majority white, some in the cycling community say it's hard to see those changes in the cycling and bike commuting communities and more needs to be done to make cycling more egalitarian here.
"There's this notion in folks' heads of who are bicyclists," Szczepanski said. "You think of a fairly affluent, white male wearing spandex and riding an expensive bicycle with very fancy gear, and in reality that's absolutely not the case and it's changing fairly rapidly. We haven't reached racial parity at this point, but the trend is definitely that more women, more folks of color, more youth are riding."
Bike racers, for example, see cycling as a leisure activity--it's what they do in their spare time, for fun, with friends.

A bike commuter maybe doesn't identify herself as a cyclist, Szczepanski said, but rather as a person who rides her bike to get from point A to point B or to get to work to earn a living.

IMO that finial statement is where the lack of integration starts, many non-white people on bikes in this area seem to be using the bike to get from point A to point B, not for exercise and they are not labeling themselves as cyclists. If that attitude can be changed then we open the door for so much more beyond that. Maybe they never get into spandex but just changing their mindset on the tool they are using than greater enjoyment and integration could just be around the corner.

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What? Worst article ever!

What is the Daily Comrade trying to say? Should we have affirmative Action for races? Are we trying to turn grocery bags on the handlebars hispanics into cat 2's? Is there a lack of Chinese cyclists on Lefthand canyon every weekend?

Racing is expensive, so this isn't a race barrier it's a class barrier. Recreational cycling is open to about anyone, no barriers, especially in Boulder. You don't need a nice bike to ride many of the light trails around Boulder. And commuters, well that is where are greatest potential is with integrating non-male-white folk but first they have to identify themselves with cycling.

Journalism failed

More white guilt.

More white guilt. Essentially, 'if I'm doing something and people of color aren't, then something must be wrong with me."

There's this phenomenon I've noticed since moving to Colorado, and Boulder County in particular. It involves the preaching of inclusion, tolerance, acceptance and integration, but there's not much opportunity to practice it. It's easy to preach these things when the county and state are largely homogenous. Go live in a city like Houston, Chicago, or Atlanta and get back to me.


I will counter with - IMO 'In Boulder County, which is nearly 80 percent white' is where the lack of integration starts...

I commute. I enjoy my bicycle. I do use it for leisure also. And as my alone time.

I DO NOT enjoy
Looking like a moving advertisement in all that spandex.
Packs that ride more than one wide.
Packs that violate the Denver trails speed limit of 15 mph going 30 mph - get on the street jerk.

What I enjoy -
Riding my bike and drafting off a guy in spandex cause he thinks that I have full bags and cargo pants I am not a cyclist. Man do I enjoy the dirty looks when they realize I am keeping up just fine. Guess what riding over 3000 miles in a year and not looking like an a$$hat in spandex = more work and more strength.
Helping out normal people with problems on their bike. Ever hear of a bell buddy?
Rolling right past jerks who buzzed me and now have a flat or broken chain and have no clue. Guess what buddy I got tools in that giant pannier of mine, and nope, you wont get the benefit.

Boulder is too rich for the normal person. Let alone allowing for diversity.

You know how to really sum this up -
As a pedestrian, you do not want 'professional speedwalkers' to represent you...
Think about how I feel as a normal bicyclist, you look like kooks.

You dont need that stuff for a 25 mile ride. I sure the heck dont and I do it daily.