Cops are Cracking Down on Cyclists

It's been a hot summer so far this year and most of that heat is coming from the law! From the information we are hearing in social media enforcement is up. It's easy to see a cyclists break the law, some intersections in Boulder could be used to fund a few new cop cars if they stayed there every day. But which law breakers are worse? Take our law breakers poll

From Denver Post

Travelers to Morrison, be warned: If you’re riding a bicycle through town, police will be watching to make sure the rules of the road are upheld.

Running a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign are the most common infractions, according to Police Chief Rudy Sandoval.

“We will be ticketing cyclists who disobey the traffic laws,” he said.

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don't be an asshole cyclist!

Yeah, good that they are. Today, as with many days, as I pull up behind the three cars in front of me at a stop light (I'm on my bike) and another cyclist rolls up along the right side of the cars and gets in FRONT of the car at the head of the line! WTF! BASIC COMMON SENSE, if there is no bike lane, then use the road just like you are a car or motorcycle. If not, get off your bike and walk across the intersection like a pedestrian. Don't be an asshole cyclist!

I am a former law

I am a former law enforcement officer. I ride 200+ miles a week, race a few times a year. I do stop for red lights, stop signs, and obey the posted speed limit. I see lots and lots of spandexed cyclists not following the rules of the road. I am sorry that your average MPH goes down and that you may have to lose your momentum. If you train were there is traffic control you got to play by the rules. Even downhill. We have hard enough time with the community as it is.

The community lumpes us into a big pot and when I say us, I include the avid cyclists and all men, women and kids who ride down the block to the store on their 15 year Walmart bike, that's in the garage (They think they are pedestrians so they hardly follow the rules for a vehicle).

So stop giving the butthead in the blue pick up that drives along side you, while riding down Coal Creek from PTP, more amunition. I am getting tired of him.

Not defending asshole

Not defending asshole cyclists, but consider:

A driver who harasses a cyclist because they witnessed a DIFFERENT cyclist at a different place and different time do something illegal has serious anger control issues, and will not be swayed by everyone making an effort to stop at every sign.

Put another way, somebody who decides a cyclist needs a 'lesson' isn't going to reconsider after recalling a different cyclist obeying the letter of the law.

Hundreds of cars (not

Hundreds of cars (not exaggerating) roll through the stop sign I can see from my office window (cherryvale rd) everyday. So if the local cops really want to get chippy about coming to a complete stop at stop signs, they should start there.

And while Colorado may not be one yet, several states successfully have laws that allow cyclists to treat stop signs like yield signs.

Running a red light is something different and should never happen, unless the intersection is deserted and the sensor won't trip.

Speeding ticket? Please give me one so I can frame it.