Cycling Clothes Drive to support local Junior Cycling Programs

With the seasons changing now is the perfect time to clean out your summer cycling kits and weed out those colder weather clothing items that you rarely use and donate them to some of the local junior cycling programs like...

  • Boulder Junior Cycling
  • Flatiron Flyers
  • BVSD Bike Clubs
  • BVSD Middle Cross
  • Trips for Kids

Donations are tax deductable through Boulder Valley
Cycling Alliance (BVSD) a 501c3 non profit. BVCA was established in 2005 to
promote all aspects of junior cycling and help develop lifelong cyclists in
Boulder. There will be a bin at the Boulder Junior Cycling Booth at the Valmont Bike race this weekend

Items in need include nearly all cold weather items like jackets, long sleeve jerseys, arm warmers, etc. Please keep the cycling shorts that have been worn so much that they are sheer in the back.... not hot!

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Yes, I'm sure we could put

Yes, I'm sure we could put them to good use.

Thanks for posting this Kris. Donations will benefit kids currently in cycling programs in and around Boulder. Most of these young riders are advancing their cycling skills and learning to ride their bike longer and more often, but they are still wearing tees and blue jeans. Let's help them get into the right gear by donating good, gently-used items that you are no longer wearing.