Cycling Book Suggestions

Looking for some good cycling book suggestions. Please provide the name a a brief reason why you like it in the comments below. I'll tally them all up in a article soon with my own huge cycling library suggestions

Summarizing and categorizing a little

History Books
- **** Hearts of Lions Best book explaining the history of American Cycling, especially track cycling
- **** Major Taylor - Before there was Jackie Robinson there was Major Taylor, amazing cyclist having to conquer amazing social injustices

Fun & Light reads
- **** Bobke and Bobke II Best ab workout while reading a book. You'll laugh non-stop!
- *** Greg Moody's fictional series. There are 4 I think, somewhat mystery style book and some are Colorado based
- ** Yellow Jersey. Someone in the comments liked this... for me it was just TOO fictional. Could not believe the story was possible... but a good read

- **** The Art of Cycling by Robert F. My 2nd favorite book in my entire library!!!! (Hearts of Lions is 1st) Other commenter liked this book.. It is a must for every commuter but really beyond that, every cyclists should read it.
- **** Positively False. Floyd's attempt to prove he is clean. First half of the book just covers his life up to pro racing and that was VERY interesting. Think very Amish! Part 2 of the book where he tries to prove he is clean is interesting but boring
- ** Man on the Run - Story of an italian cyclist who won the tour, did drugs and then died. Melodramatic but interesting like a train wreck.

From Comments below
- "Need for the Bike" by Fournel. One of my favorites. A great collection of stories about the bike which demonstrates a true love of cycling.
- "We Were Young and Carefree" by Laurent Fignon. A good read, though Fignon exhibits a bit too much hubris at times.
- 10 points by Bill Strickland. Commenter said it was motivating, but this book creeped me out.
- The Race & The Tour by Dave Shields
- The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney
- BikeSnobNYC & A Dog In A Hat
- Lance Armstrong's War

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The Race & The Tour by Dave Shields

Two books in this recommendation by the same author. The story mostly centers around one rider in a pro level road race and his experiences in his teams and life around it. There is discussion of tactics, recovery, politics as well as great descriptions of the races as they happen.
The stories are well written and pull you into the situation well enough that is it hard to stop reading.

The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney

For those who remember watching Davis Phinney during the hay day of the Coors Classic and the unforgettable crash, this book follows his career and struggles with Parkinson's disease. It also shows how his love for racing transferred to his son Taylor. A great inspirational story for bike lovers and anyone looking for hope against a terrible disease.

The Yellow Jersey & Lance Armstrong's War

The Yellow Jersey by Ralph Hurne: fictional account of an brit ex-pro who decides to try for a comeback at the old school Tour.

Lance Armstrong's War by Daniel Coyle: Unflinching view of Armstrong and pro cycling in general circu 2003 (?? or 2004, can't remember). Especially memorable observations: Armstrong's entourage of Belgian tough guys and marketing fanboys, racers doing the ass pinch to see who's in form, the casual way racers talk about crashing vs. the actual danger. Also interesting observations about George and Floyd given what's come to light since.

Read a ton of cycling books last winter and these two were the best by far.

Also +1 on A Dog in a Hat and The Rider.