Friday Fun - "Sorry Dad, that's not meditation"

From longroadhardlessons

Do you ever go out for a ride, not for intervals or to join a group or to get exercise but to just escape and fade away into the landscape of the surroundings. For me cycling is meditation, even if it is that weekly pound up Flagstaff or mindless roll on the gravel roads on North Boulder cycling always returns be to my starting point feeling better and clearer than I started. Namaste -;)

One of my daughters is, I suppose, what you'd call a practicing Buddhist. She's spent the last 3 years working in a retreat up a mountain. I would never put that down. I've been there twice and it's an amazing place ( with a very special aura and ethos. She's advised me to meditate to avoid or release myself from the unavoidable stresses of modern life.

"I already meditate," I told her. "I spend all day sometimes on my bike thinking as my legs follow a repetitive circular rhythm. It's so calming and I work out so many things that way."

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