Stop Sign crack down on CU Campus

Found on the Daily Camera

CU Campus police are cracking down on those motorist and cyclist who are unaware of what a stop sign means, since March 1 to last weekend 25 $100 tickets are been given out, but from the Daily Camera story some don't know what all the fuss is about.

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How to avoid a ticket at that stop sign

Look to your right before you blow through it, the cops hide by the dumpster on the west side of the Benson building there.

But really, that intersection is kind of hectic. I think that motorists blowing the stop sign out of the side road coming from the dorms there is a huge problem. I have had several close calls there.


First, note that I ride 200 miles a week in Boulder and the . I spend WAY more time on a bike than in a car.

The first thing posted in comment is "how to break the law"?! Ho-ly crap! Here is an idea, follow my lead and when you are on a bike, pretend like stopping at the sign is the difference between you being alive and dead instead of assuming someone in a car isn't on a cell phone ... while eating a hamburger ... and reading a book ... like I see all over this county.

You running the stop sign is a danger to yourself, and when America can't manage to pull their head out, as they so often do, the Nanny State has no choice but to step in. Bravo to every office who writes a ticket. If I could, I would buy each of you lunch.

That intersection is 6 kinds of a debacle, and I don't see how you can do anything but stop at the sign. Oncoming traffic can't seem to use a !#$%%^&* blinker (like anyone does that anywhere else in this !#$%^&*^*% town, so you have to wait for their typical Boulder egotistic/narcissistic/idiocy to go somewhere before you can proceed. You do know that a car hitting a cyclist at 30mph is pretty much going to wreck your day right?

RE: really

I don't like that stop sign or intersection.

I share your frustration about motorists not using turn signals at the roundabout there.

I stop at stop signs when cars are present and treat them like yield signs when cars are not. Like it or not, that's my personal policy.

I do not run that stop sign into oncoming traffic.

I understand that getting hit by a 30mph car would wreck my day.

I've ridden thought that intersection thousands of times and its my opinion that a lot of drivers leaving the dorm/physics parking lot blow through the south stop sign and cause more problems than cyclists blowing the stop sign. Why don't drivers get ticketed for this? Because cops park behind the south side stop sign and watch for cyclists running the stop sign on the west side of the intersection. Drivers see the cop and stop at the sign.