CU Short Track Racing

CU Short Track Racing Returns to Boulder

Short Track Racing returns to Boulder at the same place, CU Research Park, with the same times but always on new track. For those of you new to short track racing it is 20 minutes of extreme hell... and then your done! The start of each event can be pretty intense and crazy for about 30 seconds and then its lemmings passing lemmings. Cheaper than an office park crit and 2x the fun! And even though it is ran by college students this is a GREAT event for kids! Check out some of our past articles on CU Short Track Racing

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As usual, a very competetive, yet fun time had by all. Incredible to watch the pros battle it out. Wicked turns and narly off camber section with rocks. First time single speed has it's own cat! Those guys are super haunch.

Actually not first time...

Probably 3-4 years ago SS riders started 30 seconds after B's. Was nice because we did not have to fight it out in the first 30 seconds of hell at the start.... but we would still get stuck in B traffic as we passed those gear guys -;)

Was fun, we have some nice photo galleries sent to us from some photographers which we will post later today.

Kind of like cross

These days it seems a little rocky for a cross bike and the course varies every week, sometimes enough that the behavior of the course is very different but in general it is more technical than your typical cross course (more turns and lots of short steep drops and climbs). I run the SS field and on my 29'er I roll 34x18, used a 34x20 last night and my legs were like little sewing machine. The area is open, at least lots of folks are out there riding it all the time everyday.