CU Short Track Racing

CU Short Track Racing Returns to Boulder

Short Track Racing returns to Boulder at the same place, CU Research Park, with the same times but always on new track. For those of you new to short track racing it is 20 minutes of extreme hell... and then your done! The start of each event can be pretty intense and crazy for about 30 seconds and then its lemmings passing lemmings. Cheaper than an office park crit and 2x the fun! And even though it is ran by college students this is a GREAT event for kids! Check out some of our past articles on CU Short Track Racing

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Junior Races

Small update to the flyer: rather than having separate girls and boys Junior races, we're racing both groups 30 seconds after the Women's B race.
We apologize that our guy in charge of prizes was sick, but we'll have them next week. So if you won 2 days ago, claim your prize next Wednesday.

Thanks Kris for telling the cycling world about us, and thanks to the 150+ riders who came out!