CU donates bikes to Community Cycles

About 3-4 times a year CU donates bikes that have been abandoned around campus. The amount of bikes varies but it can be from 60-80 bikes at a time! And a few days ago Community Cycles did a pick up at CU. It's sad to see these bikes disregarded but in the end its to the benefit of our greater community because with these bike Community Cycles will be able to get these back into the community giving them a second life and giving new riders a chance to have a bike. One of the ways these bikes are re-entered into the community is via their Earn-A-Bike Program. The Earn-a-Bike Program allows folks to work off a new bike by spending about 10 hours helping out around the shop, after your 10th hour you get to pick out a bike and then spend the remaining time fixing it up and learning basic bike mechanics in the process. Look for a more in depth story on 303cycling about all of their programs at Community Cycles soon!

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