CU Bike Station is rolling with the new semester

The CU Bike Station is a place where students and faculty can get the bikes registered and some basic bike assistance or if in need they can rent a bike for a few days for free. Students are required to register their bikes with the CU police for logical reasons especially considering how many bikes get stolen and abandoned every semester. This year will be a big year for the CU Bike Station since this will be the first year students will not be allowed to have cars which gives CU a chance to get them from day one on a bike. To help with getting students on bike they will hosting a bike sale with Full Cycles the first week of classes Wednesday August 26th from 9am-5pm outside the CU UMC in the Fountain area.

The CU Bike Station is also home to the Buff Bikes, these utility bikes are easy to spot out on campus, they look like cruiser bikes without the coolness factor but do have a timeless look especially in the all red or all yellow paint job. As mentioned, they can be rented for a few days or do a semester rental program. For a $100 refundable deposit plus a 20$ semester/30$ yearly fee, students may lease a bike and lock. The bike is theirs for the semester or year. This fall we will have available up to 150 bikes; including 50 new cruisers acquired from the DNC a year ago. All rentals are on a first come first serve basis. To rent students should inquire at the bike station The bikes are Worksman Cycles. Details on renting a bike can be found on the Buff Bikes website

More information on the CU Bike Station and its services

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