Cyclists needed in CU study on interactions between you and your saddle

The Locomotion Lab of the Integrative Physiology Dept at CU- Boulder is
looking for bicyclists for our study of the interactions between rider and
saddle. Subjects will be asked to ride on a stationary bike while force
measurements are taken at the saddle, handlebars and cranks. We will record
the motions of your spine, pelvis and legs and also record the activity of
some of your muscles.

To be eligible, you must be:
• male, 18-45 years old
• in good health

We seek road racers who:
• train on your bike at least 100 miles per week (or 8 hours per week) and
• are a Category 3 or higher

We also seek triathletes who:
• train at least 4 hours per week and
• race a 40km time trial in

The study consists of a number of experiments that each take up to 2 hours.
You can choose to participate in 1 or more experiments.
You will be compensated at $10/hour in Performance Bike Shop gift cards.

All experiments are completely non-invasive and have been approved by the
University of Colorado Institutional Review Board.

If you are interested, please contact

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