CSU Cycling reports on season opener

Many thanks to CSU Cycling President Caley Fretz for reporting on this seasons first weekend below!

Photo Credit Caley Fretz

The first races of the season are always a crapshoot. Nobody knows what kind of form their legs hold, who else is going to be on or off their game, or even who’s going to show up. So when a team’s first few races go as well as it did for the CSU Rams Cycling team this past weekend, it’s particularly encouraging.

Races opened up on Saturday at the Denver University City Park Crit, a triangular loop complete with three roundabouts and a nasty little chicane. Not an ideal course for brand new racers, as much of the Men’s C and Women’s B fields were. But the Rams were ready- this wasn’t their first rodeo after all. Thanks to some pre-season team practice crits, the new Ram racers weren’t quite as new as everyone else, and it showed. In the first four laps, a field of 60 in the C’s was whittled down to 30, and all but one CSU rider (who got caught up in a nasty crash) made the selection. A few laps later another selection was made, this time in the form of a breakaway of 8 heading off the front. Four of the eight were CSU.

Results from the weekend

DU Criterium Results
Metro State ITT (Not Available Yet)

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Dan Rieber

Though they didn’t pull off the win (officially, there was some fuzzy officiating), we had more riders up front than any other team. Zack Bodhane in 3rd, Matt Nunelly in 4th, Joey Chiavetta in 7th, and Branson Bartlett in 9th makes 4 out of the top 10. That’s a victory in and of itself in that category, and more than I could possibly have hoped for in the team’s first showing. Tactical geniuses, these were not. But they still kicked everyone else’s ass in the points.

Photo Credit Caley Fretz

The Men’s C’s and Women’s B’s weren’t the only success story that came out of the DU crit. Our Women’s B racers again all made the decisive splits, and all finished inside the top 10. Jamie Davis led the charge in 4th, with Clair Mechtly in 5th and Alyson Sothoron in 9th. The B men controlled the race with only five guys, went with every move and still pulled together a near perfect leadout train for Jacob Koonsman, who finished 10 yards ahead of the rest of the field, and just behind a late attacker who took the win. Luke Harris, Jacob’s leadout, held on for 4th. The A men put Zack Allison up the road early and left him there. As Zack took 2nd out of the break, Chris Hall and myself trounced the field sprint to put three in the top 5. Logan VonBokel returned from a recent knee injury to take a number of primes and finish inside the top ten – encouraging, to say the least.

Break to Sunday and the Metro State ITT. CSU went two for two early on, taking out the Men’s C race with Joe Munchak and Women’s B race with Marlena Grovenstein. Recognize that last name? There are some good genetics there I think…

We put three, maybe four (I haven’t seen the official results yet) Men’s B riders in the top 10, took 3rd, 4th, and 8th in the Men’s A’s, and went into the top ten in the Women’s A field as well.

We have the talent on our team to win a hell of a lot of races this year. This weekend we got our feet wet, and I for one can’t wait to see what these guys and girls can do over the coming weeks.

Caley Fretz
President, CSU Rams Cycling

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I understand your are in

I understand your are in college Caley, but how about you write something a little more professional? If need be have someone else read it and give you a different oppinion. Be modest about your team's accomplishments and respectful of the competition. As I read your story I did not think it reflected well on you, or on the very good program that CSU has become.

I should correct myself.

I should correct myself. This wasn't intended to be an impartial race report. It was focused on CSU because that's the team I'm President of.

Again, if you want to hear how CU did, ask them to write something. Ditto for FLC. This one was for the Ram fans.

Get off your high horse. I'm

Get off your high horse. I'm in college too and I know plenty of kids who write far better than those who hold degrees.

I don't know the writer of the article, but he's giving a report for his team. Why should he glorify the others?


PS: Before you start criticizing others about their writing, you might want to check your spelling. Opinion doesn't have two p's. Better luck next time...

-Someone completely unaffiliated with the entire scene of the area.