CSU Cycling President speak of 2010 season

From President of the CSU Cycling team Caley Fretz

Like last year, we started the 2010 season with a team training camp in Tucson, AZ. We brought two dozen riders down, ranging from experienced A's to brand new C's. The 8 days of riding we had in Tucson served as a nice fitness boost as well as a means of bringing the team together, getting everyone used to riding with one another and spending some quality time as a group on and off our bikes.

CSU Rams Cycling's membership is up about 30% from last year, to nearly 100 members. Hosting Road Nationals for the past two years, as well as doing well racing at the National level, has provided us with quite of a bit of exposure and increased the number of high-level freshman and transfers we gained this year. More importantly, we've been succesfful in our on-campus recruiting efforts, which have provided us with a good crop of new riders and racers. The strength of our program has always been in development rather than recruiting known talent, so the influx of newer racers bodes well for the future.

A couple goals for this season:
- win the Conference title as a team
- put as many riders on the podium for the conference individual omnium titles as possible
- win as often as possible, of course, but more importantly: do so with as many different riders as possible. This goes hand in hand with our mission of development; we're not into superstars, we're into teamwork.
- Win an individual National title in Wisconsin, and once again get on the podium as a team.

That's all I can think of now! If you have any more questions don't hesitate to shoot me another email or give me a call.

Caley Fretz
President, CSU Rams Cycling

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