Time to get your Cruiser on

The Cruiser season is upon us so pimp your ride, get some style, obey the law and have fun!

- The Denver Cruisers go every Wednesday and each one has it's own theme, this week the them is Zoo
Denver Cruiser Zoo Ride

- Bicycle Longmont is kicking off their weekly rides starting today. Their Bike Night start at 6:30 in Roosevelt Park in Old Town Longmont - 700 Longs Peak Avenue.

- Boulder has an secret underground Cruiser Ride on Thursday that few know about or talk about, largely because of problems with the ride. When will Boulder start up some PUBLIC cruiser rides? Just like how Boulder can't handle just 1 road group ride, Boulder can't handle just one cruiser ride. Maybe what Boulder needs is multiple cruiser rides, one for families, one for the party people, one for the hipster anarchist, etc.

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Practice What You Preach

I really wish the Denver Cruiser Ride followed their infograhic. I'm really surprised the city has not cracked down on them. I've witnessed their rides & every single rule is broken. There is no respect for the neighborhoods they ride through. I am all for riding your bike, but this group thinks they have free reign over the roads & everywhere they ride. They give bike riders a bad name. No wonder why motorists dislike cyclists.

~ Crochety Old Man