Colorado Cross Cup Events Announced

Has the USA Pro Cycling Challenge got you excited to get into racing or back into it for some? There is no better way to get into cycling than under the discipline cyclocross! No packs/peletons to stay pace with, little evil concrete to fall on and for those with families, much of the course can be seen from 1 vantage point. Downsides though are some races can happen on bitterly cold days, some believe it takes a ton of equipment to be competitive(not true), and ummm, well that's all I know.

Either way, the Colorado Cross Cup Schedule is out and take a look!

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Cross questions

A nice mix of points races across the Front Range.

Q1. Are call-ups are not going to be based on Cross Cup points after the Kick-it race? The ACA website is referenceing the USA Cyclcing "algorythm" for call-ups in both points and non-points races which is different from last year.

Q2. It looks like the upgrade criteria has changed. See below. Maybe I'm reading this incorrectly but it seems like 10 points or two wins is a mandatory upgrade for cats 3,4. This means everyone with 10 or more points will be upgraded before the first race? Last year I believe the upgrade criteria was 25 points and 2 wins but I could be wrong. Or, is it optional after 10 points and mandatory with two wins? I'm confused.

nonauthoritative answers (and a question)

My question: Did a list actually appear when you clicked the link? It's not coming up for me.

Q1 - no. Starting the weekend after Kick-it, it's based on USAC rankings.

Q2 - I'm less sure of this, but the way I read it, there are no mandatory upgrades, except that after the season, the local rep may impose mandatory upgrades on those who have the 10 points.

The problem I'm already

The problem I'm already seeing with this situation is fewer 35+4s and 35+3 upgrading. It's already rare to see people voluntarily upgrade out of the 3s and 4s. I guess I prefer the old points based mandatory upgrade system so the 35 open race can grow.

2nd, the ACA doesn't include dnf's so USA Cycling can't include them in their "algorithm". Because of this a situation (God forbid) is created where someone could just tank-it if they're having a bad race.

For cross, it looks like USAC

For cross, it looks like USAC lets you upgrade out of 4s with experience in 10 races (I assume this is similar to cat5 in road), doesn't appear to matter what results were obtained in those 10 races.

Still need people to sack up and upgrade though. IMO, if you are finishing in the top 25% in cat 4, you should have already upgraded. Top 50%, get your 10 races in and then upgrade. Take your lumps in 3, work harder/get better.

Okay. Yeah, it seems that the

Okay. Yeah, it seems that the ACA conforms to USAC guidelines on CX upgrades.

I've noticed guys getting multiple 2nds and not upgrading until they were forced to do so. I understand this, you want that win. However, now they could conceivably race all season with dozens of upgrade points and multiple podiums without any measures in place to push them into a higher category.

Perhaps we should create a code and consequences system among ourselves? My suggestion - if you attain 20 points and don't voluntarily upgrade you will be shunned and heckled unmercifully by your peers and perhaps pelted with rotten tomatoes on run-ups. Don't even think about a beer hand up! /s

DNFs and rankings

Hey all - this discussion on DNFs and how they affect the rankings/callups is interesting and I'm sure not unique to CO. The current USAC ranking system only includes your top 5 results within a rolling 12 month period for each sub-discipline. So, if you finish 5 or more USAC sanctioned races, you're "rank" is sorta accurate, at least among the people from your area who race frequently. The problem with the DNF situation is that it's inconsistent among race result reporting entities. I firmly believe that if you start and subsequently quit a race or get pulled as a result of being lapped, crashing, mechanical or whatever, you should be listed as DNF and given the max points, especially in light of the fact that only the top 5 races are counted. The current method makes it way too easy to be a perpetual sandbagger.

New slogan for the boys - "Nut up and CAT UP!"

The way I interpret the

The way I interpret the upgrade procedures is that 2 wins in cat 3 will earn a mandatory upgrade to cat 2. If you have over 10 points in either 3 or 4, you *can* upgrade but it isn't a mandatory upgrade. For that matter, it looks like just by entering 10 races in cat 4, regardless of your placings, that you could upgrade to cat 3 if desired. I don't see anything about 2 wins in cat 4, although IMO, if you win a cat 4 race, you should probably upgrade to race in cat 3

Riders can upgrade their CX category by earning cyclocross upgrade points:
4 -> 3: Need 10 points in 12 months - or - experience in 10 races
3 -> 2: Need 10 points in 12 months - or - mandatory upgrade if two wins and field is over 10