The Heat is on up in Fort Collins

Got this today from Bike Fort Collins. While it is unfortunate that he ran the stop sign but here is his experience of the Fort Collins police.

“I got a ticket Sunday afternoon from a
Larimer Co sheriff's deputy for riding through the 4-way stop near my
house at Lemay and Country Club Drive (there were no cars at the
intersection, except the cop who was apparently following me at a bit
of a distance) and I was floored when he pulled me over and ticketed
me. Said the fine had gone up in May to $110 and that I should watch
out because "it's gonna heat up in the next few months." I hadn't a
clue what he meant and was more focused on trying to keep my temper,
but I'm assuming he was threatening some sort of crackdown on riders. I
found the whole thing ludicrous, though I feel stupid for not checking
behind me. I didn't realize the police here would issue tickets for an
action that creates no hazard to anyone, but I should have known
better, after reading a few articles about Alderden and the "elite
Boulder cyclists" last year.
Anyway, just wanted to warn folks, if it wasn't already common
knowledge, that our local sheriff's department is looking for revenue
from cyclists quite aggressively these days.”

After checking into this a little further, Bike Fort Collins learns that the law enforcement officer is none other than Brian Ficker. You may remember him from the incident last year in the southern end of Larimer county. The one where he chased away some cyclists who were riding two-abreast. The same deputy who rode with us last summer to get a better understanding of what we see and go through when we encounter road debris and road rage.

So, let’s be careful out there and use this as a warning to all cyclists out there. In their own words, “It’s gonna heat up in the next few months.” And he’s not talking about the weather, if you know what I mean.
I can’t thank you enough for your continued support! You really make my job worth it! Sorry for the multiple emails, but I want to make sure everyone gets the message.

Thank you again,
Jeff Morrell
Bike Fort Collins

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