Aggressive Coyote attacks Cyclist on Boulder Creek Path

Tuesday morning while commuting to work I witnessed an incident with a coyote on the Boulder Creek Path between 55th and Flatirons Parkway. This coyote jumped towards a cyclist biting at his tire, but the cyclist continued to ride away. The cyclist stopped as I was riding west bound and he east, we talked and saw the coyote simply hang out on the trail, just like I had seen about a month before. Another cyclist sped by us and passed the coyote within probably 2 feet and this time the coyote surged towards the cyclist. But the coyote remained on the creek path, with no fear of human interactions... only anger. Minutes later he wondered a few feet off of the trail and I continued and as I passed he kind of jerked towards me but that is it but still remained where he was. Having grown up in the country, I know that coyotes I have witnessed never let us kids get within 100 yards of it, this one was different... and that difference lead to the extermination of him/her.

The Daily Camera has the details to the story and I'm sure lots of comments as well.

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