County creates sub group to focus on outreach and education

As spring time is just around the corner and large group rides are in full Boulder County is moving quickly to make progress on the Lefthand Canyon tension problem. Problems with group rides are already happening so I suspect the next time we report on this story it will be with information from the Sheriff's department. Here is what we received from the county.

In December, the Working Group created a set of recommendations, which was recently presented to the Board of County Commissioners, for what can be improved upon in the canyon roads. (I have included that set of final recommendations here. It is also at our website at:

In addition, a sub group for an outreach and education group has formed. Given that much of the recommendations presented by the working group focused on physical improvements and signage issues, this sub group works to address outreach goals for implementation by May 1. The goals of this sub group are to lower the tensions in the canyon areas between all user groups to create a less stressful and safer road network.

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