May USAPro Challenge open doors of other competitive events on open space?

Interesting quotes in the more recent article on the Daily Camera and it leads the question as to if existance of USAPro Cycling Challenge stage 6 could open up doors for other events on open space. Currently Open Space does not allow competitive events on open space, only passive recreation

"If I were on City Council, I would not do that," he said. "You either change the rules, or you don't approve something. This is a slippery slope. You start down this track, and all of a sudden you have nothing to stand on."
Buzz Burrell of the Boulder Trail Runners, a group whose past requests to hold competitive events on Flagstaff were turned down, said he's a big supporter of the cycling race, but he doesn't think it's that different from other competitive event requests.

"I think we could have very well managed trail running events," he said. "We're not a museum here. As soon as we become that, we die. Open space is paid for entirely by sales tax. Without business, there is no open space."

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Actually, they're quite different

In principle I agree with Mr. Burrell, what's fair is fair, right?

But in reality, I totally disagree with the idea that a stage of the USPCC and a trail run/race aren't different. One will bring huge amounts of $$$ and media exposure to the city, the other, a bunch of local enthusiasts trying to get their PR up Sanitas or the like (which, BTW, would be a cool event).

Would probably do far less

Would probably do far less damage than the herds of people on the Chautauqua-area trials any given summer weekend.

Seems a shame not to have, at minimum, an annual city/OSMP-backed HC event up Flag and a trail run up Sanitas. Use the proceeds for park upgrades & restoration or some such.

I think utilizing proceeds

I think utilizing proceeds would be a terrific idea. It would negate any argument citing impact on trails. Boulder has great trails and spaces, but too many rules regulating the use. I understand there has to be a balance, but I don't think we're currently at it.

Mt Sanitas Event

I know a few years back there was an "event" on Mt Sanitas. It was a race from the bottom to the top. The number of participants was limited and I believe there was some volunteer aspect to the event.

I really think Open Space should be open to competitive events. I dont think events should happen all the time but a few events a year would be awesome.