Can Climbing and Mountain Biking Save the Conservation Movement?

Very interesting Tedx Boulder talk by Brady Robinson, who describes himself as the Executive Director of the Access Fund, a longtime climber, the current chair of Outdoor Alliance, a family man, and a bike restorer from Boulder, Colorado

In this clip, Brady talks about the decline in support for the conservation movement and gives the example of the Nature Conservancy having one million members, yet its member's median age is 62. Brady also talks about climbers and mountain bikers being a powerful force for changing the way conservation is thought about and how we use our public lands. He points out that the outdoor recreation industry creates hundreds of billions of dollars in consumer spending and he touts the importance of keeping lands available for recreational use which is good both for the economy and for the future of conservancy. Around the ten minute point, he also brings up the West TSA controversy in Boulder as an example of conservation and recreation not working together.

Watch the entire video or Jump to the west TSA part!. Open Space are you listening?

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