Community Meeting on Boulder Busstop Ride

In case you are wondering... this was an April Fools story
The recent story on Conscious Cycling has gotten the attention of Boulder Officials who are working to open discussions about ways to make the Busstop ride which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday starting around 5:30 at the Busstop Gentleman's Club, a friendly, more conscious group. The first of possible many community meetings will take place today at 5:30 at the Busstop Gentleman's Club. Drinks are free to anyone in spandax until 7pm and officials and community leaders will be there to help defuse tensions from this ride and improve relations with the riders. One official who did not want their name printed said that he believes the club will create an atmosphere that opens dialogue and limits and/or prevents any confrontation. If this first meeting goes will it is possible that similiar meeting like this will continue on through the summer every Tuesday and Thursday at the Busstop.

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Pasties or a pastry?

The only way you can come close to possibly get anyone to stick around after 5:05 PM is if some gal comes out in pasties. Otherwise, guys will swing on by around 7:30 PM for pastry. It is a serious ride, and Boulders finest has recently done a not so over zealous job to ensure there is no echelon across the yellow line. Oh, I heard there will be free lap dances in the Bustop parking lot between 4:45 to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays only.

More Breaking News

In related developments todday the UCI has legalized all previously banned substances, all Colorado races are waiving entry fees for the balance of the year, it has been decreed that it will never snow on the Koppenberg again, and Tyler Farrar finally wins a race. Oh, that DID happen!