Community Cycles award winning programs

Recently Community Cyles of Boulder won the Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business award late last year. To win this award Businesses are graded on Education, Engineering, Encouragement and Evaluation and in the case of Community Cycles their efforts in the Bike-to_Work, Earn-a-bike program and their local bike friendly business program. They are 1 of 2 businesses in Boulder to have been awarded, (Cateye of North America has Gold status)

Recently we caught up with Josh at Community Cycles and was friendly enough to spend 30 minutes giving me a tour of their facility and answering my questions and in short they are amazing. Nearly every time I pass by their facility there are lots of folks there working on bikes. Here are some of the programs Community Cycles has for the community

Earn a Bike

Very popular program geared at anyone needing a bike, the cost is on a "sliding scale" starting at $10 which is for membership in addition they ask 15 hours of which 10 of those hours are simply helping out around the shop on various task and 5 hours actually working on the bike you pick out and build yourself. In the process the students learn how to maintain their bikes themselves. Some of the students are on the work-release program with the Boulder County Jail so without Community Cycles help many of those inmates would not be able to find a job because they have no reliable source of transportation. There is also a kids earn a bike program that is very similar.

Rich Points with Community Cycles

Rolling Bike Clinics

This program brings the shop to the communities who need the help the most by providing the community residents with free on site bike repair and education to get them back on the bikes cost effectively and safely.
Here is this year's schedule for their rolling clinics
* Sat, May 2 - San Juan del Centro - Noon - 4p.m.
* Sat, May 16 - Orchard Grove Trailer Park - Noon - 4p.m.
* Sat, Jul 11 - San Lazaro - Noon - 4p.m.
* Sat, Jul 25 - Mapleton Trailer Park - Noon - 4p.m.
* Sat, Aug 8 - Meadows Trailer Park - 11a.m - 4p.m.
* Sat, Aug 22 - Steel Yards - Noon - 4p.m.
* Sat, Sep 12 - Howard Heuston Park - 11a.m. - 4p.m.

Community cycles is also an official place in Boulder where folks who get slapped with community service (like a DUI) can come there to work out their hours. With all these hands there seems to be always seems to be plenty of folks there working on bikes

There are many other programs that Community Cycles does as well, like $35 tune-ups, NCAR bike fleet management, bike donations, Boulder Farmer's market, and many more so please check out their website for all the details on them.

If you have a bike you would like to get ride of please consider donating it to Community Cycles!

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