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    Here's another issue that's been bugging me -- with computers everything about registering should be easier both for the promoter and the racer, right? Why then do we now suffer from promoters requiring online registration only, with registration sometimes closing 3-4-5 days or more before an event?

    Is it really that big a deal to add someone to the race roster an hour before a race starts? We did it that way for decades, you know.

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    Hi! I am friends with Ellen Butler and she said you might benefit from having Food Should Taste Good chip samples at your events. Please let me know if this is something you might want and I can get them to you asap!

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    Event Registration: $135.00
    Service Fee: $12.15 (9% service fee)
    Subtotal: $147.15

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    Paul Sullivan you should really check your facts before you spout off and show everyone on 303 your ignorance level. The price didn't move from last year to this year for all three races. I just checked the 2014 flyer and it's $120 for all three days. I raced last year and WOL wasn't involved. They obviously are this year and the price is the same. Seems like you've got a hard on for WOL. Seems like Racerboy showed that their prices were actually lower than other races. Pick another sport if you're going to be an ignorant representative of cycling. No one likes a complainer when their rants are based on incorrect facts or baseless facts. How much did Roubaix Cost? If you think bike racing should be free then maybe you should move to Greece and get in line for a free ride. You gotta pay to play. On second thought maybe you should just retire and go hang out with the recently retired Ministry of Finance for Greece as you're both about at the same ignorance level.
    I mean come on what do you think the price of a bike race should be anyhow? Please indulge me on your economics....

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    fact check. Only have done 4 races this spring and the two cheapest were WOL. Louisville Crit at $30 and Koppenberg at $40. Paid $40 for Wheels of Thunder Crit and $50 for Roubaix

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    It's everyone. Mt. Evans was ridiculous when I went to sign up. Over $75 for 27 miles of riding on a broken up asphalt road. I know everyone will say it's Mt. Evans, but honestly Pikes Peak would be more fun.

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    WOL is only the contracted production company on this event and does not set the prices. That's the responsibility of the Salida Cycling Club, the event owners. Last time I looked I paid the same $115 for 3 awesome days of racing at Superior Morgul for the last 4 years running, that's hard to beat.

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    Or stay away. You forgot that option... There are lots of great cycling opportunities (competitive as well as non-competitive) in CO that don't require paying exorbitant fees to WOL

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    WOL are continuing to turn the screw with price increases and there is nothing anyone can do than pay it or shut up