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  • Reply to: "Driver pleads guilty to careless driving in crash that injured Dale Stetina"   1 hour 52 min ago

    Another slap on the wrist by the court system is coming. Took more than a year to get there and the impending jury judgement.

    Now Dale can sue this guy for millions and never get it.

  • Reply to: 2014 - Cyclo X - Xilinx   2 hours 43 min ago

    That is great. I like his stuff a lot.

  • Reply to: Jame Canyon Rd to not be restored with all bike lanes   3 hours 9 min ago

    Oh man that's going to be tough on some of us. I personally find it difficult to set a good example. I don't find stop signs to be big or red enough to influence a stopping behavior. Red lights are pretty to look at but I know I can usually shoot the gap with a 1500 watt sprint. It's good for my training. As far as the no bike lane goes, it is very important that I have ample space to ride next to my partner so I can pontificate to him about how important I am to cycling and the world in general. I am entitled to this space because I remember paying taxes for something at some point and those taxes are supposed to enable my bike douchiness.

  • Reply to: 2014 - Cyclo X - Xilinx   3 hours 37 min ago

    Oh, I'm sure he can find something to whine about.

  • Reply to: Jame Canyon Rd to not be restored with all bike lanes   3 hours 55 min ago

    FEMA and other outside flood recovery funding source only provide funds to restore roadways to their pre-incident state OR "current government mandated standards". That road barely had an uphill shoulder (due to debris/vegetation) and no more than 6 inches of downhill shoulder before the flood. With all the motorist/cyclist issues in that area I bet the final product slightly to significantly exceeds pre-flood state. It will be our job to set a good example and try to be respectful of other road users no matter what the final product is.

  • Reply to: Which Cruiser ride(s) did you attend this summer?   4 hours 1 min ago

    Golden. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  • Reply to: 2014 - Cyclo X - Xilinx   19 hours 25 min ago

    mud pit was a totally serendipitous feature - apparently some species of irrigation trench that overflowed spontaneously and just got deeper during the day. It saved the race from being a total roadie course as it required a little bit of courage and decent bicycle driving skills to negotiate it, but honestly it wasn't that bad if you had enough sense to stay out of the gator pit on the right side.

    Xilinx always has some mud in that area even in the driest of dry years, so it's to be expected. If you don't like mud, don't race 'cross.

  • Reply to: 2014 - Cyclo X - Xilinx   23 hours 26 min ago

    I would like to add that the race was awesome! I had a great time!

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    Actually, I use my trashed carbon wheels (six years of prior abuse on the road) for cross. And any body spending hours and hours to glue up a tubular should be doing it.