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  • Reply to: Skin Suits and Down Hill Gear: Cross Race #7 & 8   56 min 57 sec ago

    They can't all be dirt crits.

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    I think it involved the big hill. I know there was at least one women that pre-rode and then left before the race because of the course.

  • Reply to: Boulder Creek Path to be extended to Betaso Link Trail   4 hours 27 min ago

    my guess is no. a 10' wide crusher fine MUT will not fit in the right-of-way of the Betasso Link, and they've already done as much slope stabilisation and rework as they can on it (armored the really steep bit, etc.

    it sounds like from the articles I've read that they plan to install a multi use path all the way to the Betasso Trailhead - if they will, it sounds like they've negotiated some kind of easement for the right of way, either from the water district or local residents.

    either way it sounds like a fresh option. Don't get me wrong, I love the link trail but I don't love trying to go up it during busy times when the shuttle crew is raging down it. Honestly I think that if there is an alternate route up to Betasso, consideration should be made toward making the canyon link a one-way downhill trail, that would be awesome if it could work.

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    What would some people consider "dangerous"? I didn't see it. There are suppose to be officials to mitigate over zealous promoters.

  • Reply to: BRAC Announces Reorganization   17 hours 24 min ago

    I am sure that Shawn will give BRAC a good kick in the pants and start 2015 with a bang.

    The over all announcement was pretty week. How give a shit about restating the mission and job description. Guess everyone is to busy getting the "party" ready.

    Guess there isn't anything really happening or changing.

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    Perhaps you've had an experience w/ Yvonne that leads you to that conclusion, but my experiences with her over the past 20 years wouldn't support your statement. She might loathe you, but she doesn't loathe the membership.

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    I would bet that it is the same select prima donnas that drive us all a bit crazy. Masters that dope, promoters that do things on a shoe-string, the wanna be pros, wild parents, whiners on the internet

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    Fully embracing; loved the perspective and prose, keep it fresh and keep it up.

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    A membership manager who loathes the membership.