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    Good catch, I had totally forgotten about that one!

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    Man, don't be such a hater. Explain to me exactly what makes this race a PITA besides all of the security issues (heck, had the same issues at Fed Center). I was merely answering, correctly I might add, the question about the last fully paved road race on the calendar this year. I could have mentioned the collegiate road races in Grand Junction and Durango but those are "off the grid" so to speak.

    As far as historically, yes, the AFA race has been rather hit or miss and the old out and back course was terrible. However, the college kids have put on a great event the last two years that only cost $30 ($40 day-of), only a handful of cones (in a construction area) and had very minimal field mixing. I raced P12 and it was awesome. Which group were you in?

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    AFA is a pain in the ass to run and even get to happen.
    How many times has it not been on the calendar?
    How many times did one group pass another?

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    The road race at the AFA was all pavement on an incredibly fun course, relatively cheap, supported a great cause, actually paid CASH prizes AND was well organized and run. It CAN be done people.

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    Just in the first 15 secs using Google. Imagine if more time an effort was done, you can go get or have a copy emailed to you.

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    You're right, cones ARE for cars. Not in the way you meant it, though. The center line rule should be sufficient for the racers, but drivers don't know about the center line rule. The cones are there to let drivers know not to enter the racing lane.

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    Could you be any more specific on where to look? Websearch for USAC permit number and scanning through town of Superior website is yielding nothing so far...?

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    Great interview by Cheri and heroic riding by Dawn!

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    I agree with the first comment. Just because you're sitting on a bike does that make you a "cyclist"? What is a cyclist? Anyone who has a bike? That's what's wrong with cycling. Every schmuck who is into cycling wants the rest of the world to join in and be part of their group so they can be different from non-bike owning people, together. Like DB hipsters being "different". You people who constantly socialize cycling into everyone on bike keep creating an us-against-them (cars, mean people, etc) mentality. As a "cyclist", I can't stand most of you and find you arrogant, obnoxious and poor representatives of real cyclists. So this weekend while you're blowing stop signs, flipping off people and general being your normal nuisance selves, think about finding a new hobby.