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    I am a coach for the Green Mountain Composite team in the Lakewood/Arvada region of Denver metro. Thanks to Cheri for bringing this type of attention to this amazing league and even more amazing kids...and coaches :)

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    The dedication of Coaches is critical to the growth and sustainability of this dynamic sport where all who ride score! The student-athletes are inspirational and are guided by amazing role models ! Check out this map: to find a team near you.

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    Its been a while, but when I used to ride from Boulder, you can catch the Big Dry Creek trail from Westminster that leads down to the Platte River trail. There are a few surface streets you may have to navigate in Westminster but I found some through neighborhoods that were quiet and easy.

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    You are correct, D-bags will be D-bags no matter what. BUT, Strava certainly gives them another venue with which to be a blatant D-bag to other cyclists! So yes, Strava certainly does contribute to the problem. I agree with you, it is all about courtesy and manners, but most people don't have them and Strava gives them another reason to ignore courtesy and manners.

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    Reading through these comments I could not help but thinking, "What a bunch of self-absorbed jerks!" Strava is a fabulous tool for someone like me: 65 y/o former racer in quad bypass recovery, 150 miles away from the nearest road bike race, challenging myself without the support of a group of riders, tracking my progress after hitting bottom physically. I even started a virtual "cycling club" for people with heart disease. We are not competing, we are motivating each other. I agree with "Cheers Bro" - get over yourselves!

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    If you are planning to fight it. Set your Garmin to beep when the speed drops below 0.1mph. Do a track stand, after it beeps, proceed when it is safe. You have now collected GPS data that shows you came to a complete stop. Is it admissible? I'm not a lawyer, but if someone showed me the data of 5mph, 3mph, 1mph, 0mph, with a time stamp matching the ticket, I would be inclined to say that person stopped. Alternately, a chest mounted gopro which shows your speedometer could also work.
    Requiring you to "put a foot down" is as silly as lying on the ground as a pedestrian when coming to a crosswalk to prove that you stopped walking. Most of us can stand on two legs and not lose our balance, some of us can ride unicycles, (not me) and not fall over, but being able to stop and being able to not fall over on 2 legs, 1 leg, 2 wheels, 1 wheel, are two different things.
    For the record, I can also scrape my cleat on the ground while moving, so what does touching the ground prove anyway?

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    From a reader....

    Boulder Sheriff Department has been seen ticketing cyclists at 63rd and Niwot for not stopping.

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    If they drive wrecklessly, I guess they're good drivers.