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    No matter what some Boulder or Colorado clown tells me, I'm sure he dopes and his accomplishments are meaningless. Even my friends, gf, etc... say, "yes, he dopes." So go train, buy nice bikes, do whatever, nobody cares...we all think you dope.

    Steel Columbus SLX Tubing bike > yours, even after your blood transfusion

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    You say it is just regurgitation and that is partly true but we can't ignore the past of how for many years we took a blind eye the problem and now that some control is starting to take place we can't simple stop the conversation. Ignore it if you like but we must continue to fight and work for a clean sport from top to bottom.

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    wonder if there's anything to one of the more famous, more accomplished Masters racers in CO working at a company that specializes in "hormone therapy"?

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    Oh hey, Sky team doctor only 'cyclist' to be sanctioned since that Cat 3 cyclocross guy...

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    A way better poll would be:

    I think amateur racers are doping because:

    1. I know my teammate is doping, but I'm not gonna narc because I am doping also.
    2. I always get beat by a bunch of dudes.
    3. A couple of guys got busted a few years ago.
    4. Some older guy is faster than me on the group ride (even though I had 7 rio margaritas last night).

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    That story is a regurgitation of story from several years ago. But hey, let's keep dredging it back up. If you really need to keep up to date with the amateur cycling suspensions that are literally coming out every hour, just make this your home page:

    Just conveniently ignore the fact that, when you are watching the superbowl on Sunday (you know the Superbowl the biggest sporting event in our country) nearly every single one of those guys has taken massive cycles of anabolics.

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    There's probably masters riders out there doping, just like there are most certainly P12 guys, domestic and world tour pros doping.

    I don't know about the pros, but I know from personal experience you can ride masters at the top state and national podium level being completely clean, enjoying a normal life, training maybe 10-15 hours per week, without a coach or even a super dedicated training plan. So if guys want to risk their health, their reputation and their personal life by taking drugs, I may bitch about them when they get caught, but I'm not going to get baiting into letting it dominate the discussion about a sport I happen to like a lot.

    But hey I know it's really hard to find positive stories about riding bikes in Colorado.

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    Recently saw a pic on FB of one of our vaunted 55+ racers bragging that if he hadn't flatted w/ a 1/4 mile to go, he would've finished top 10 at El Tour de Tucson. Don't think we can chalk that up to natural talent or training with power.

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    you say they are selling a lot of them but you have no idea, it's a private company. so just a guess.

    you sheep will buy anything and i guarantee will get crushed by a guy on a sear's huffy bike for $40. Power meters do nothing for you.........jokers who think they can be like lance and then quit and then say lance only did drugs and blah blah blah....99% of all cyclists have zero talent and a power meter won't help them.