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    You must have failed basic reading... they're not asking for money from the city of Erie. They're asking for a little slack in the permitting process re: a couple of really nit-picky non-essential items that should be completed before they get a full approval to operate. If they can begin operations as soon as all the safety stuff is done, they'll have their OWN money from their various revenue streams so they can complete the remaining non-essentials like landscaping or whatever.

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    I thought one of the guys owned a bike store in boulder? and a pretty good one at that. don't ask for taxpayer money or favors at this stage of the game. it already got blown over once, then no road and no permit. and it looks very expensive, and they ask for donations all the time......rubs me the wrong way, but that's me. i hope erie puts money towards something else.

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    Hello all,

    A GoFundMe account has been set up for Adelaide's recovery. Please consider donating. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:

    Link to funding site:

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    Dumbing down the courses goes hand in hand w/ age groups broken down in half year intervals so everyone feels good. Gotta keep 'em coming back, dropping that cash, then writing glowing reviews about how great the promoters are.

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    I race a lot. After racing Nationals last year and riding the difficult features Mr. Webber created, last Sunday was a bit of a let down. No disrespect intended to W/O. It was essentially the same exact course they used a couple of years ago. I just want promoters to make harder courses. Interlocken is too easy, Louisville is too easy. The route through the sand at the U.S. Open of CX was good. Westminster had some nice features last year. CotN does a great job with course layout, Castle Rock is awesome...

    "it was nice to take a week off from "thinking" - NOOOOOOooo. Like another person said, we might as well call these races dirt crits.

    Watch the Svenness videos to see some cool features:

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    A course without the elements John mentions and that doesn't require you to "think" is just a dirt crit.

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    Wondering how many races you've done here so far this season? Speaking for myself (new to cross from road): after racing Flatirons and two days of COTN--which combined had all those elements and so much more!--it was nice to take a week off from "thinking" as in "I think I'm going to faceplant here...and here!" That said, it's back to thinking this weekend and looking forward to it.

    In general, W/O Limits are the best promotors around by far and any dollar spent with them is a dollar well spent.