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    This shows the spots where they are doing more clean up with due dates for prior to May 1 and after May 1

    What is the full ride up to Ward like? I cannot find any good descriptions of the current conditions.

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    Have I mentioned how much I despise the random use of hashtags? Almost as bad as rampant selfies...

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    I'll help. Here's the first post "I heard that the State Championships for the Road Race is now a pancake flat out and back course...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME...Lame. I won't be driving out to West Cliffe and spending my money on a lame race like that. #epicfail"

    When a few people replied, some less cordially than others (you know the typical response, if you don't like it, promote your own race, that sort of thing), this response was posted: "Challenge Accepted. We have already contacted BRAC. Colorado deserves a state championship road race it can be proud of not a 70mile Crit that 90% of people will have to drive 4hrs for. We had more elevation gain at the Colorado School of Mines Crit in 70min. Sorry"

    I'm thinking someone's going to get a lesson in race promotion costs/headaches, if they follow through with their promise.

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    So do the local race...

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    Anyone who won't enter a state championship because it's more than an hour's drive shouldn't be entering a championship event anyway.

    Besides, everything is at least an hour from somewhere in the metro area. Races in Boulder are an hour from SE Denver, even farther for C Springs residents. Anything west of the divide is at least 45 minutes from everywhere else, and 2 hours or more on the return trip.

    No one wants to drive, but anything within an hour of metro Denver, except maybe Boulder Roubaix, sux from a course perspective.