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    Yeah, I guess you're right, if your concern is about having or not having a rabbit. I was just thinking about concerns over weather

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    I disagree with the comment that starting riders based alphabetically is "fair". Being first due to your last name being at the beginning of the alphabet with your last name usually means you are "the rabbit" and have nobody ahead of you to try and focus on and catch. Conversely, not having somebody behind you to try and keep from catching and passing you is also a disadvantage. Randomized start lists are a great idea; looking at the start list for Haystack, I don't see any rhyme or reason to it, which is great!

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    Doing it alphabetically or randomly or in order of registration, within the various categories, are all "fair" as you can't possibly know which start times will be best within the group. You've got as good a chance of having good conditions, or crap conditions, no matter how they assign the start times within a given group. Besides, most groups aren't large enough to have wildly divergent wind/weather conditions within their narrow range of times. You can contrast this to the Cherry Creek TT series, where there's no grouping of categories within a narrow range of start times. It's a crap shoot as to whether an early time would be better, or perhaps a later time. If everyone in a given group were starting within a 15-20 minute window, the odds are better that everyone would have similar conditions. Haystack's start time assignments are just fine.

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    Please make TT start times random (within groups). Doing it alphabetical is not fair (Frostbite). Trying to figure out who is fastest is not fair (state). Just randomize it. That is all.

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    Good catch, I had totally forgotten about that one!

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    Man, don't be such a hater. Explain to me exactly what makes this race a PITA besides all of the security issues (heck, had the same issues at Fed Center). I was merely answering, correctly I might add, the question about the last fully paved road race on the calendar this year. I could have mentioned the collegiate road races in Grand Junction and Durango but those are "off the grid" so to speak.

    As far as historically, yes, the AFA race has been rather hit or miss and the old out and back course was terrible. However, the college kids have put on a great event the last two years that only cost $30 ($40 day-of), only a handful of cones (in a construction area) and had very minimal field mixing. I raced P12 and it was awesome. Which group were you in?

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    AFA is a pain in the ass to run and even get to happen.
    How many times has it not been on the calendar?
    How many times did one group pass another?

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    The road race at the AFA was all pavement on an incredibly fun course, relatively cheap, supported a great cause, actually paid CASH prizes AND was well organized and run. It CAN be done people.

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    Just in the first 15 secs using Google. Imagine if more time an effort was done, you can go get or have a copy emailed to you.