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    I'll echo the sentiments above - best course and venue of the season - by far. I'm not from Boulder, so maybe I'm off base making this statement - but I'm guessing that Park gets little or no use. It seems like a good candidate to host more than one event per season.

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    A bit on the short side, but they didn't seem to add length just to add length. It kept the course interesting (and leg busting) throughout.

    Thanks a ton to WOlimits for always putting on fantastic races! I'll be back for sure.

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    WOL has it just dialed in. Honestly I'd pay another $5 it is so much better than everyone else. Plus, we've got bees nests on our CX courses. How's that for your pleasant surprise buddy...

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    Best course of the season by far, super technical and fun.

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    First time racing Flatirons and all I can say is "Wow", very organized, spectator friendly, great course and an overall fun time. I will be back next year!!

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    When did I say the promoter should "groom the course"?

    I say a lot of things, so like, I might have? But I'm pretty sure I didn't. I'm not even really sure what that would mean.

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    "we’re a bunch of hillbillies that could not possibly know how to put on a bike race."

    Did I say that? I don't think I said that.

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    Thank you! I really relish people noticing me. I try to ride slowly so you all can see my Zipp 808 clinchers and general fantasticalness. Unless of course if I am coming up to a stop sign especially the one in Hygiene. Then you will the feel the fury and the women sipping on water bottles at Mary's will swoon at my sensitive and somewhat feminine ultra-manliness as I power through the manage a trois of stop signs.

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    Left early, got in a long ride.....Thanks!