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    Until you fix the punctuation in your post, don't talk to me about going back to grade school English class.

    I get Doug's points, it just irks me that he frequently writes in such away as to either make it about him or to brag about what he has done.

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    If that's what you get out of it then you need to back to grade school English class.

  • Reply to: Weekend Preview: Great Events this Weekend!   9 hours 22 min ago

    Sorry Late Notice...And newbie to the 303 Cycling website.
    Saturday May 7th Team Noah Foundation Group Ride
    8:00 AM Meet at Kaffehuset (Coffee Shop) in Georgetown CO for Coffee and Chai, and espresso and stuff!!!!!
    9:00 AM NO DROP ride leaves the shop for a trip up Guanella Pass (Recent snow may require cross bike or mountain bike) but weather is supposed to be incredible. Road condition update will follow.
    The ride will be led by Dwayne Goscinski, Nationally Ranked NUE (National Ultra Endurance) Series racer.
    The ride is in memory of his late son Noah Goscinski who passed away due to CHD

    This is a fun ride. No Fee. No Drop.

    If anyone would like to offer information on how I can properly post rides to the site..It would be graciously appreciated. We'll be riding a lot.

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    Don't hurt his feelings. You might make him downgrade to a 40+/Cat4 safe space.

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    I really like ragging on his blog. Why he calls it the "presidential" blog instead of "president's" blog, I don't know. Nothing presidential about it, unless you compare it to speeches from our nation's President, where he always talks about "me" and "I" and so on. I'm hoping for a blog entry someday that isn't all about Doug.

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    Ragging on Doug is easy and fun.

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    That's the sort of stuff that gets done well in advance, usually. Must've been something like the loss of the Lookout HC this fall, when the city denied the permit due to planned road construction.

    Still, we gotta rag on Doug.

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    I bet it has something to do with permits and admin stuff. Something boring and mundane.

    The world of business

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    Dang, I planned to come out of retirement for the TT.