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    While there may be an occassional uphill TT, there is no official 'hill climb' discipline in road cycling. Yes of course climbing plays a role in a lot of road races, grand tours, etc. But there is no Hill Climb National Title. There are road races, crits and TT. I guess somehow hill climbs got 'easy' to promote, so there are a ton of them. The idea is that if you are a bad climber, you don't do the hill climbs, I personally just find them boring, a lot of the fun parts about racing (breaks, positioning, bike handling, going fast) are thrown out the window. JMO

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    For all the challenges race promoters face in the front range and especially Boulder, I thought this was a well executed race that gave different types of riders a chance to shine. I would have loved a longer stage and inclusion of N. Boulder Park Crit, but I understand that's not as ea$y as it sounds. Ideally the last day would be a longer RR with a circuit in the planes & a mountain-top finish up in Ward or Jamestown... but I have no idea how hard that would be. In any case, kudos for making us feel like stage racers on our favorite roads and climbs. Stages may have been short, but were plenty difficult!

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    That would be a great SR but my understanding of it is that a permit for Carter is next to impossible to obtain for that time of season. This is why they had the last Carter Lake RR in Feb. Maybe WOL have the resources/clout to pull it off? We'll find out next year I guess.

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    To each their own I guess. I disliked the circuit race, I don't understand why dirt has to be in every race around here when there are so many beautifully paved roads, especially in the more rural areas. I view the dirt as a necessary evil on the hill climbs, it doesn't need to be in road/circuit races.

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    Thanks. That argument always cracks me up :-)

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    Here's what would make a Boulder stage race that I would sign up for.

    1. Lyons / Boulder TT
    2. North Boulder Crit
    3. Carter lake RR

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    $140 for three short events. Seeing major entry fee inflation this year.
    Hard to get off of work Friday for a TT starting in Lyons.
    Wanted to do Mike Horgan HC, but since it was a Stage Race, I couldn't just register for it.

    Make it an omnium, and you will attract more people on the weekend.

    Looked like fun for those few that made it all three days.

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    2 reasons:
    SR based on time w/ GC decided by hill climb.

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    Because I don't like riding my road bike in the dirt. There, I said it.