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  • Reply to: 2015 - Koppenberg   5 hours 14 min ago

    Funny, the course was perfect in the afternoon until it rained again. Then it was no longer a road bike race.

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    Good luck everyone, weather looks great and sounds like is shaping up nicely. For those that don't like the conditions, the good news is that there is only a 24 hour wait for a pavement crit race.

    Enjoy the ride, whatever size tire or location you choose today, I know I will.

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    Sorry one more thing. Hay was put down on the kopp which can be a little slippery.

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    Morning report race day.
    Rideable on a road bike. Bumpy at top of kopp, but it is rideable and no mud sticking to the bikes.

    My wife road up it on clement xplor tires fine and is now trying on 25c road tires just to make sure prior to her race.
    8am wave looks to be fine and the layer waves will be even more firm. The dirt is kinda like hero dirt from what I am hearing but looks like only one good line up kopp right now.

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    thanks. I don't have "equipment choices". Just a road bike. When this course is dry it's far from being a "paved crit". When it's wet its a cyclocross race. Time to do a mountain training ride tomorrow.

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    So I checked it out on the way home from work tonight....Quite a downpour of rain in the area this afternoon, and boy have the conditions changed in the last 36 hours. It went from bone dry to quite muddy.

    Here is my prediction....
    The first wave is going to deal with pretty muddy conditions, but by the 2nd wave there will be a dry line. By the time the 3rd wave runs through, there won't be any mud left to deal with.

    To each their own, but I like it when the conditions give choices as to equipment choice. Do I run a CX bike with slicks? 28mm tires? 30s? I think it keeps things interesting and keeps it from being just another pavement crit.

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    Running the race with conditions as they are cheapens the event. There is a whole sport/season devoted to people who want to run in the mud with their bikes on their shoulder.

    I remember when they postponed it three times. It was the right call and it ended up being a great race.

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    Drove up to it this morning on my way to work. Road didn't seem soft to me.

    That being said, there is a pretty good storm sitting right over that stretch right now that is definitely going to change things up. That road and climb get really nasty when wet, I've had to use a stick to dig out mud from my road bike a few times before on it.

    I'll check it on my way home from work.

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    A teammate rode it this morning and found very soft conditions approaching the hill with significant mud accumulation at the brakes on a road frame with good tire clearance. The Dude, did you ride it or look out the window?