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    My feeing is that everyone should be trying to track stand at a stoplight. Its a perfect opportunity to keep your muscles warm while developing / honing a needed skill.

    Who cares if you can't do it for the entire light, get over it is Boulder..,someone is faster and better than you anyway

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    All I have to say is that vuvuzelas have no place in cyclo-cross, or anywhere else!

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    Awesome video Robson, thanks for taking the time, especially helpful for us newbies. Where can one purchase your tape of choice in the Boulder (or elsewhere) area?

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    Back off Hulk, it isn't the 35+4's doing this. We have already raced way before the Pre-J's. The remaining cats are the various 3's and Open cats. It is likely the same wannabes who were pre-riding during the final 2 laps of the 35+4 race during Primal. Follow the rules and be civil, if you wouldn't want your mom to see you do it then don't.

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    Looks like it is dumb to put kids on striders/training wheels on the course when all these wanna be super stars are getting ready for their world championship race in the 35+4s.

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    Common sense is not so common and kids are oblivious. Got to make the rules for the lowest common denominations and use the shot gun to get the message out.

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    No kidding... I don't talk to too many people. Now I'm not so sad.

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    How about the completely over the top parents yelling at pre-riders 2 seconds after the course is closed to preview when the front of the race is 4 minutes behind them, or any race for that matter? You are totally right about getting off the course when preview is closed but no one needs to get off the course and walk their bike for 10 minutes because racers are 4 minutes behind them. I see it all the time with people yelling at previewing riders when they are in some obscure part of the course with the racers no where near them. I think there needs to be a little common sense here...

    I've also seen a complete sh*t show from juniors crossing the course to get to their start and getting in the way of racers on the last corner with parents standing their completely oblivious. First to yell at previewing riders but last to actually control their children from getting in the way of someone else.

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    Hot laps... pffffft