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    The Kick IT Cross race we be run as a full race day schedule. The time trial format was eliminated for this year. Registration is open now at Come on out and race!

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    I don't know... whining about race scoring, especially before the season has even kicked off, is pretty grating, too.

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    Oh look, another op-ed from "randy savage"...oblivious that his keepin-it-real rejoinders are more grating than any type-A kvetching about race logistics.

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    Are you competing for a slot at Worlds?
    Did you have fun last year?

    If you answered No to the first and Yes to the second, stop whining.

    If you answered Yes to the first and either Yes or No to the second, then if you didn't finish high enough they could score you without a chip system,.. race harder and stop whining.

    Bottom line: stop whining. Hell, the season hasn't even started and you're whining.

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    Don't you blaspheme, don't you blaspheme in here!

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    I wont do another race this big without it. Results are a nightmare and can't be accurate.

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    killer photo, Karen!

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    Here is something else. it caught my eye and I am intrigued