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    You know what? Morgul is an omnium! I was wrong, appreciate the correction and am whipping up a healthy plate of crow to eat.

    It is Salida that is the ex-omnium (which makes absolutely no sense to me given the travel costs associated with racing all three events).

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    Had the opposite experience with the "zero tolerance" line rule in our race. On the last lap, one guy sprinted up the far left side of the road on the dirt, flagrantly advancing his position from the back to the front of the field. The motor seemed right on top of it, talked to the guy, but I was surprised to see in the results that the guy had not been disqualified. Just a warning for a reckless violation of clearly stated rules?

    In regards to the race itself, it was harder than last year and the field disintegrated in the crosswinds on the final set of rollers, so a course where the riders really did make the race.

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    Whoa, I thought I was reading a WWII history book for a second with all the Nazi references. This comment isn't really helpful in any way and is fairly insulting, but I will say a few things. One, the answer to your question is yes, you are clearly bitter. Two, as another commenter pointed out there were plenty of races with breakaways including the one you were in. Racers make the race. If you don't like the racers in your category you're fortunate enough to have two other choices of categories to race in. Three, the fact that there were only a few minor accidents among a full day of racing with nearly 700 racers says something about the safety of the race. Adding "power hills" or "switchbacks" to the course (by somehow changing the geography and adding roads in that region?) tailored to your exact preference wouldn't make the race safer. The "mad scramble" for the finish is a typical bunch sprint and there were no crashes in the finish of any race that I know of. If you don't like the race please stay home next year.

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    Will a mixed tandem (Male captain female stoker) age class 90 (which you likely don't care about until we get to nationals) be considered a single cat 4 or 5 and maybe 35+ or 45+?

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    The first individual rider will start at 5:30pm. All individual racers will go first at 15 sec intervals based on the category group order posted on the website (eg. SMP-1-2 go first, SM3 next, then SM35+1-2-3). Your final start time will all depend on how many racers are registered in each category that starts before you. After all the individual racers start then we'll begin the TTT groups (5 person teams go first, then 4 person teams, 3 person teams, and finishing it off the 2 person teams go last). Final start lists will be posted on the website and the WL facebook page at 2:05pm on race day after registration closes at 2:00pm. Please note the NEW addition of the SM 65+ category and SW 55+ category.

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    Accurate? Not really. Looking the results, selections were made in the categories where the most experienced riders are. The P12, 35+, 45+, 35+/3, and cat 3 races in the mens fields were all won by someone NOT in the bunch. In all cases someone created a selection. Granted in several of these cases it was one rider making it to the line ahead of the group but if they were able to make a selection on their own, why didn't anyone else join them. Were they waiting for the sprint? The riders make the race. Some made a winning move while many sat in.

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    Are cyclists reading this? I would have guess much higher on the yes's. Wonder how many decades will it take to clean up the community planning that was done decades before? Maybe we are taking the poll to literally, could you live most of the time without your car. Hell yes right? If no than maybe you need to rethink where and how you live... and the bike really has nothing to do with it.