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  • Reply to: Jefferson County PASSED 4-foot Bike Lanes   3 hours 11 min ago

    Car lanes will be 12 feet, bike lanes 4. Four feet much better than none! significant vote.

  • Reply to: 2015 - Bike Black Friday with Bicycle Adventures   3 hours 15 min ago

    I don't do Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I don't have a smart phone. Can I still ride my bike?

  • Reply to: Jefferson County PASSED 4-foot Bike Lanes   4 hours 57 min ago

    Wow...4 foot lanes. I suppose they should reduce all road widths to 9.5 feet? That is one foot than a fully legal vehicle? Bike lanes should be at least 5 feet and preferably 6. But alas...this won't happen.

  • Reply to: 2015 - Cyclo X - Louisville   21 hours 51 min ago

    Fred who? Not seeing you in the results...kudos to WOL for putting on yet another great race!

  • Reply to: 2015 - Cyclo X - Louisville   1 day 22 min ago

    Short answer: too many.

  • Reply to: 2015 - Cyclo X - Louisville   1 day 1 hour ago

    The racer has changed. There is no volunteerism today. The racer wants a well done race by a company. They are getting that too at a good price.

    That is why WOL is taking over and you see the disappearance of the club race. How many races have been canceled from the lack of pre-registered racers, bad time slots, no staff, ect??

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    Ummmm where were the spectators at the US OPEN??

  • Reply to: 2015 - Cyclo X - Louisville   1 day 4 hours ago

    My club doesn't complain that there's only 3 Sundays in a three and half season without a race. How many sports can claim 20 days of good racing in 3 months? I'll take 20 great races over 23 sub par productions. Keep kicking your can Fred down a different road. What's the difference between a for profit production company and a club putting on a race for profit? No one wants to take a loss and to me WOL re-invests year after year into their production, somethings clubs didn't do back in your golden day.

  • Reply to: 2015 - Cyclo X - Louisville   1 day 5 hours ago

    Geez, Louise... not being a pessimist, just pointing out that you can't have it both ways. We note that clubs are not promoting races like they used to, complain that there are too many open days on the calendar, etc... but don't want to hear that it's our own fault for insisting that every race meet the standards set by a for-profit race promoter? It's just not possible. So, would you have only a few 'high production' races, or lots of grass roots races?

    Here's an idea, instead of YOU not racing unless the race meets the WOL production standard, YOU go race all the smaller, non-cup races. Then, WE will have a full calendar of races again.