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    Get outside and ride. Imagine how strong you will be when it is 70F and raining, when you can survive 20F and snow!

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    You rock.

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    The race was put on by our first year club, Team Monger. We had almost no idea what CX really was, thus the creek crossing as part of the course. The mud pit was built by hauling water and dumping it on the course, I think we overdid it! National stars Marianne Martin, Roy Knickman, Andy Hampsten and Ron Kiefel all came, among many other top Colorado racers from back in the day (Pam Mathers, Bob Grummel, Tom Nelson, John Weissenreider, Peter Thron). Many riders were on early versions of mountain bikes (often home built) since CX wasn't the popular discipline it is today. Davis and Connie spectated. We had a special category fraternity challenge in citizens race with a $200 bar tab to Tulagis for first place, about ten frats involved. Unforgettable event, still hear stories of that wacky day 33 years ago. Just looked at some great photos of some VERY muddy riders. And yes, that is Scott Christopher in the newspaper photo, he still races a bit and his son Drew is now rippin' it up!

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    They are going to widen Simms/Indiana .... When they make it into C470. Maybe a bike path will be part of this project too,

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    That is awesome. Many of those guys are still around and are still riding.

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    The Clinton Administration.

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    Big Wheel was originally owned by Bernie Witkin. I believe Chris Van Ghent was his chief mechanic. The story I heard Bernie had some tax issues, sold to Chris Van Ghent. The shop opened inthe early 60s - I started to frequent it in the summer of 1964, riding over initially on my Schwinn Superior from northwest Denver and checking out the bike shops along the way - Collins, Peppers, Ross Hardware. I could look at the rides for hours - Legnano, Pogliaghi, Gitane, Bianchi...I bought a Mondia which I had for many years; I still have my Big Wheel jersey. I met some nice kids - Davie Valas, (Bernard) Zuckerman, the Wilson brothers, Kenny Baird... Bob Lanham and Herman Kron also rode at that time. Most of the older riders were very nice to us younger kids... I especially recall the encouragement from Stu Baillie. For some reason I remember Charlie Halasi riding the only non-celeste green Bianchi in the world! :)

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    Didn't race this course last year but that was one of the best courses and events of the season. Big thank you to WOL for killing it like usual and Brook for getting involved in the local scene. Already looking forward to 2015 cross.

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    agreed. along with the 36 corridor (which btw the new sector ends at Federal and doesn't connect all the way to the Platte network) I'd like to see a strong petition to upgrade Indiana and/or Simms Rd. to full 3' shoulders either side all the way to 32nd. This would open up so much more safe rideable network between north Denver, Golden and Boulder County.