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    I just wish someone could explain how other areas of the country can routinely hold 'cross races with fields in excess of 100 riders, not pull anyone, and still score the event, yet we can't do that here. Anyone?

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    Yes, 93 riders in the C's on a very short course with limited passing in places.

    In fairness, Head Ref announced during prerace instructions that many riders would end up getting pulled--he estimated about a third of the field. Like it or not, that was pretty accurate, so disappointment is totally understandable, but it shouldn't have been a surprise.

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    an overview:

    Neither chips or OCR cameras, will ever be 100%.

    So manual will always be needed, and manual is not easy to do for large fields - racers coming thru in a group means some numbers may not be manually recorded that lap. if that's when a problem began then it may be difficult to figure out.

    (1) crits / cx
    (2) track points race

    (1) crits / cx:
    (a) "80% rule"
    Intent: prevent problems / lappers on TV with the winner as they finish
    Actually: works

    (b) "Pulling by judgement" (Which is kinda the 80% rule without a stopwatch)
    Intent: let slower racers race longer
    Actually: can allow unwanted situations to happen.

    (c) "Pull when gap to field > a few seconds (and - usually - excluding a couple laps to get back on)"
    See also: "No blood, no free lap"
    Intent: helps to prevent spectators crossing the course from getting hit by OTB racers
    Actually: works pretty good

    (d) "Colorado":
    Intent: let racers go at their own pace, score them equal laps, #laps down, etc. Only pull racers waay off the pace, and those a little ahead of leader when leader is finishing.
    Actually: not easy to do! but it usually goes well in Colorado

    (2) Track points races:

    re: pulling:

    While there is guidance on pulling (2 or more laps down), it is complicated by situations involving the winner may not be the leader (and thus also not having to complete the full distance to win), and situations related to "no mans land", when free laps can be taken and the exception to free laps as it relates to scoring, the number of racers in the race, all influence the decision to pull. It is also possible that a racer can enter the pit just outside of 1300m to go, have no possibility of re-entering, and be scored in the results. When their intent was to avoid going 2 laps down, get pulled and not placed.

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    I have filed my records request for the accident report with Boulder County. The clerk told me that I will be put in a queue and that requests are processed in the order received (I don't expect to see it tomorrow). Because I am not a party to the accident, the report will be redacted to some degree and it's possible that it will be heavily redacted. I hope eye witnesses will request to see the report and check it for accuracy. The Boulder County Records Department can be reached at 303-441-3600. The report number is 14-5961. Even though the report is available to the public, they will ask you why you want a copy.

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    Yeah, they did what I suggested, except for the whole 'more time between races' & 'don't pull lapped riders' thing. Suck that.

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    I just looked back at the Cowboy Cross flyer. The categories ARE combined and there are no masters categories at all. There are 5 or 6 adult categories. They did exactly what you want and you found something to complain about. Congratulations!

    I'm having fun, so suck it.

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    Are we back to the racing v participating discussion again? I wish that BRAC would have done the new categories this year. We will have to wait to see if some this proposed changes will make a difference in a year.

    I think that only the top fields should have the 80% rule enforced. Everyone else gets the full time some how.

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    I wasn't at Cowboy Cross. I would like to have more info. Was the Men's C race really 94 ish riders? Was there any chip timing?

    Just to be an officials advocate, anyone that has not scored a race (like this) by hand should refrain from commenting. Unless they are saying they will pay for chip timing.

    What has been the regular practice of pulling riders or ending the about to be lapped riders ??

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    I agree with your assessment of the situation and COMMEND you for speaking up. I support this activism and shall do my own too.

    Being involved with the law, police, and medical stuff you will find that very few reports are 100% accurate or inclusive. Ask any person in a report if it is 100% and they will say no.

    It is unfortunate that WE THE PEOPLE insist that the government works for us and to do that work.