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    I think BRAC needs to come up with a better way to indicate whether the course is clear to pre ride. Whether it's a couple of blasts of an air horn, or a series of Red/Green flags, on at the Start, one in the pit/backside of course.

    Most of us are trying to do the right thing, if we are riding 3-4 minutes ahead of the next race, we will not disrupt/factor into the race, but once on course, there is no way to know that the race has started behind and that the course is now closed.

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    If you continue to be unsportsmanlike, an overly excited parent might get your full attention. Mama bear is not to be messed with.

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    You mean all groups are being crushed by CO/UT juniors. Just look at results. Juniors are winning and top 10 on the weekends and mid-week in every group. They are only going to do better. This past week and at Cross of the North 2 different 13 yo girls won the Opens.

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    When I typed 35+4, I ment all others that are not top 10 in the Mens or Womens Opens. It was veiled. We all know that the 35+4 group is ridiculous.

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    On a completely different note...did anyone notice the dead bunny at the entrance to the sand pit? Maybe I was hallucinating in my own private pain cave, but I swear there was a mangled bunny in the sand pit. And, if there was; who was the unfortunate sole that ran him over?

    Or maybe it was just chewed up weed block?

    BTW, I raced in the afternoon in the 35+3's to give you an idea I saw said bunny.

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    You should be nice to these little kids because if you race sm 4 or 3 you know that in a little while they will be kicking your butt for years.

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    Forgive me if I chalk this up as hyperbole from an overly excited parent. You lost me when you suggested the course being closed for the Pre Js. Every other time slot has multiple paying fields on course, but a novelty event that is merely filler so the officials can have lunch, they need the course to themselves. Right.

    And what the hell is "unsportsmanship"?

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    Only weak and insignificant riders pre-ride a course. Man up weenies and leave the Bike Babies to do their Kiddie Race.