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    Curious why make it a stage race and not omnium? I agree that more people might have signed up for just the HC on Sunday if that was an option. The omnium format seems to work well for Superior. I did appreciate they allowed people to continue on to the next stage if they had a legitimate mechanical incident - it's a bummer to end your stage race on day 1 when you flat in the TT.

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    Damn you Boulder County for not building new roads for original course in the last 25 years. Don't you know how important us road racers are and that main streets should be shut down for very important racing. Loved the overall event; best TT in the state IMO, the best part of the Roubaix course, and a real hill climb. Love it and thank you for taking a chance on a cool new concept event.

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    Like I said before, the race lacked originality and a road race, was still a local race and I race bikes soooo I attended and actually had a pretty fun overall experience. The rest of you yahoos who didn't attend are the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION

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    Thanks to BRAC/USCF Moto official Michael Christopher! That Christopher family is a great asset to our cycling community.

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    Yah because this doesn't look fun at all ;) nice job WOL and Fascat for what's sure to be an awesome new course

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    Far from true if you've been around long enough. They created the new morgul bismark time-trial course, the CYCLO-X Sienna Lake Course, and not to mention everyone of their XTERRA's is a brand new creation. If you remember they also experimented with the cyclocross relay race and elimination format a few years back (non USAC/BRAC). Last time I checked their prices for all their races were right in line with every other event in Colorado, including cross where their production level is far and above the competition. Paul you sound line a whinny promoter who can't compete. Directing an event in Boulder is by far the most expensive in the area, just look at the Daily Camera article where Grealish bitched and complained about the rising police costs for Roubaix this year. They took a chance on a stage race, and kudos for actually putting something on the calendar and NOT cancelling like so many club and promoters in this state.

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    WOL are running the cx race on the final day of the multi-day Jeremy Powers / Fascat Cyclocross Camp because Fascat *hired* WOL to run the race. It's called outsourcing - smart businesses do it every day. Anyone who races cross (or road) in CO knows WOL consistently executes putting on more top-notch races better than anyone around. That's why people hire them to run their races - or even turn them over to WOL outright.

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    Easy. point to point TT bad dirt section circuit uphill too expensive for that kinda race

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    That's why we have without limits so the teams don't have to.