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    I'll state the obvious right from the start. The Boulder Valley Velodrome has been slow to get built, with a number of glitches that have stymied the developers.

    But what's with all the armchair criticism????? Just two people, Frank Banta and Doug Emerson (not me, certainly not any of the people taking shots at their results to date), made the commitment to make this velodrome a reality.

    And amazingly, they did it. Un f***'ing believable if you ask me. Searched for and found land. Paid for it. Found a designer. Got permits. Bankrolled labor and materials. Started construction. Watched the track get blown down. Built it again. All privately funded.

    Along the way they asked for people to join them in their quest. Founders. Club Members. Sponsors. Many did, and that gave them the strength to carry on when the challenges seemed insurmountable.

    Others didn't jump on the bandwagon, and some of them even felt that somehow the track had not met their expectations, posting negative comments like "Why so many required days for certification?", "Why isn't the track covered for winter riding?, "Why is this track so expensive to ride on?".

    You've got to be kidding me! Complaining because you don't like what somebody else has built with their own money? I'm reminded of the famous bumper sticker...."If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem".

    Having completed a number of the certification sessions I can state that I have NEVER heard a negative word from anyone that is actually on the track and riding. We are jubilant with the opportunity to enjoy such an amazing facility. From teens to 70s we're out there, smiling and loving it.

    So, to Doug and Frank...THANK YOU! Your incredible fortitude to bring this project to the finish line is beyond remarkable. Those of us who have seen what ten years of your blood, sweat and tears to make the track a reality have accomplished salute you.

    And I would recommend that anyone who wants to criticize first puts some skin in the game with a club or founder membership. Then we'll know you are committed to a successful track instead of just being a whiner.

    No, Doug and Frank didn't write this "unofficial" post, so don't blame them. I wrote it, and I welcome your response.

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    The July 31 race has been postponed due to muddy trails to August 21.

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    $10,000 in prize money and the event is canceled due to low pre-reg numbers. I have to believe if these was an event for men they would have no problem holding the event.

    Maybe this is why the equal prize money is an issue.

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    Does anyone know if the North Boulder Park Classic is still on for 2014? I heard it didn't happen in June and was postponed until August. Is that true? I can't seem to find details.

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    NEW TERM "stavasulking": this is where if you cant get any training in, you avoid looking at Strava and all the training your friends are getting in like a total sook.

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    Might have been me!